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6 thoughts on “Yahoo is still messy”

  1. Hey! Are you planning to use a different service to store your photos? If so, which one?

    After reading this, I’m also feeling moving away from Flickr is the right choice

    1. I’ve used 500px for a long time, but I never felt like it showed photos at good resolution. They also keep changing their user interface eleven times every year making it very difficult to get used to. At present, I don’t use any service to store my photos (other than iCloud to store iPhone shots). I have a WordPress site where I post photos that I want to share and that’s about it. 🙂

  2. Shitty as before. I used Yahoo only for the messenger and Flickr account. Good old days. Geocities was fun too. But, I didn’t noticed the change of logo.

    So, what WP plugin you would suggest if people want to create a photo portfolio? I am just curious to know about your choice.

    1. I don’t use any particular plugin for a photography site. I think the theme matters more when building a photography portfolio site. There are tons of photography portfolio themes out there that you can look into. 🙂

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