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4 thoughts on “Exhibition by ULAB on the Urgency of Social Media Literacy”

  1. What a cool project! I love the awareness it brings to social media bullying and preying on innocent people, especially. You all should be really proud of those projects!

  2. there was another art project at the exhibition. it was a black booth made of long black clothe and black paper. it was totally dark because of the UV light they used. May i know why you havent added that project in your video? everyone loved it a lot.

    1. Actually, I remember that black booth at the corner, but I didn’t have a chance to visit it myself because I was constantly being called back to my own project by the group members. Plus, the booth was too dark for the camera to capture anything usable. As a result, like some other projects shown at the exhibition, that did not go into the final video. Hope that answers your question. Thanks for your comment!

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