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There are a lot of great quotes out there that inspire people to travel. As much as I love spending some time in nature, I’m an indoor guy. Besides, the hot and humid weather in this part of the world rarely makes me excited about going out.

However, in the past few years, I ended up traveling quite a bit. At least twice a year for the past three years, I have traveled outside of the borders. I’ve gathered a lot of experience from those time spent abroad — proving most of those great quotes to be true. But I never really wrote about them.

As someone who enjoys writing more than anything, I figured, I should start writing down my experience. Maybe nobody will read them because everybody loves watching videos these days. But I will be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t write at least some of those experiences down.

I’ll be updating this page continuously as new posts are published. Below is a list of my travel experiences in chronological order. With a briefing of what the travel is about, you’ll find a link to the full post to read and view pictures from that particular journey. I’m not sure if any of these would be of any value to you, but I’m excited to share anyway!

Countries I’ve traveled

Here’s a list of countries that I’ve had the opportunity to travel so far. This list will be constantly updated as I travel more. If you click on the name of the country, you will be taken to a page where further posts about visiting that country are linked.

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Canada
  4. Thailand
  5. Serbia

Travel History

Below is a list of all my travel history in the order they happened.



Santa Clara, California, United States

This was my first foreign trip (that I can remember) just before I turned 18. Even though I had traveled out of the country, I apparently was a kid back then and I certainly don’t remember anything. However, in 2013, my consciousness grew so I was at a state when I could remember what was going on.

The trip was a result of an invitation from the Mozilla Foundation to attend its Mozilla Summit 2013 with a group of other Mozilla volunteers from Bangladesh.

New York, United States

On the same trip as above, I boarded a plane with my father and flew to New York. Here’s my experience of visiting the city that I’d seen way too many times in every other movie and TV show. Most importantly, it was the backdrop of the popular game at that time, GTA IV.



Pune, India

On my second international trip that was less than a week long, I flew to India for the first time and attended WordCamp Pune which was also the first ever WordCamp that I ever attended.

Park City, Utah, United States

On my second visit to the United States, I attended the annual Grand Meetup 2015 which is where Automattic brings all of its employees and contractors from all over the world under one roof. It was one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever attended and it continues to be so today.



Los Angeles, California, United States

My fourth international visit happened to be to the United States again. This time, it was in Los Angeles, Calfornia, near Venice Beach. It was again a mesmerizing experience for me because I’d visited an identical twin of that city way too many times in one of the best games ever made, GTA V!

Plano, Texas, United States

On the same visit as above, I also flew to Texas and stayed a week there with a friend. Although this largely went uneventful, I did like the open skies and vast areas of nothingness!

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

The fifth time I flew out of the country, it was still westbound, but the destination was a new country: Canada. In the mountainous area of Whistler, I experienced the best sceneries my eyes ever witnessed. The trip was for the annual Grand Meetup 2016.

I went up the mountain to ride a cable car that goes between two mountains (known as peak to peak). I also went out on a photography trip to some nearby areas. To this day, those were the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.


Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

For the Grand Meetup in 2017, we all went back to the same place in Whistler, Canada. I got to enjoy the beauty of the place once again. I’ve combined both experiences in a single post that you can read here.

Kolkata, Kerala, and Goa, India

Going for the second time to India, I planned, rather foolishly, to visit three different areas of the country. Over a three week period, I visited Kolkata in West Bengal, Kochi in Kerala, and the beaches in Goa. The trip was pretty eventful although I regretted planning it that way.



Phuket, Thailand

Team meetup

Belgrade, Serbia

WordCamp Europe

Orlando, Florida, United States

Fourth GM



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