Apple AirPods Review – Costly Convenience

There’s one thing common in all the Apple products — they’re all expensive. It holds true for pretty much everything Apple has ever released. Whether the extra money you pay is worth it, however, is a different question.

There’s a reason I started the post with this point. Today’s topic of the post is Apple AirPods — the first-ever wireless earbuds that the Cupertino giant has released. As soon as it was announced, people flocked to the comment section of YouTube and news sites to express how crazy expensive it was. I didn’t join them, but in secret, I had agreed with them.

The high price that Apple sought for the wireless earbuds was just outrageous.

Over a year later, my pocket proudly holds a pair of Apple AirPods in the charging case that they came with. I’m not enough of an audiophile to keep listening to music all day, but my small selection of Spotify playlists now play through Apple’s AirPods more often than anything else.

Apple airpods box

So, what made me purchase the AirPods? And I do regret the money I paid to buy it?

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