How I write my Reviews

For more than 8 years, I have been writing reviews of tech products, web tools, software, apps, games, and gadgets in general. You won’t find most of those articles because they were published in a variety of places — different blogs both owned by me and others, online and print newspapers, print magazines and so on. Most of the reviews have been in Bangla, and most aren’t even online today — especially the printed ones — for any reference.

macbook pro

There has been one thing that was common in most of those reviews — they were very personal. 

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How I got into cars

I walk up to the parked car, unlock it using the remote, open the door, and slide myself in. That’s how I get into cars.

toyota sprinter bangladesh

Well, not really. When I say “I got into cars,” what I really mean is how I became so obsessed with cars that I just want to find a relatively empty road and drive for hours. And I’m not just talking about driving super cars, I’m into driving all sorts of cars.

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