Why Payoneer is essential in Bangladesh and how the Wirecard scandal puts that at risk

After spending a lazy weekend yesterday, I booted up my computer in the evening and found out the shocking news that Payoneer prepaid cards have been frozen worldwide. This meant hundreds of thousands of IT professionals and freelancers in Bangladesh suddenly lost access to their money. But in an even more significant blow, they are suddenly unable to pay for hosting, software license, and other online subscriptions that are crucial for personal and business needs.

The news worries me because I’m one of the people whose lives have been made better by Payoneer’s services. Not only do I stand to lose thousands, but my hands will be tied if Payoneer services were to be stopped.

By the looks of it, it does feel like we’re heading towards that direction.

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How I got into cars

I walk up to the parked car, unlock it using the remote, open the door, and slide myself in. That’s how I get into cars.

toyota sprinter bangladesh

Well, not really. When I say “I got into cars,” what I really mean is how I became so obsessed with cars that I just want to find a relatively empty road and drive for hours. And I’m not just talking about driving super cars, I’m into driving all sorts of cars.

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Exhibition by ULAB on the Urgency of Social Media Literacy

You may have noticed that I haven’t been very active here on this blog lately. I was super enthusiastic about getting this three-letter domain and writing regularly on this blog. However, as they say, life happened. And I’m about to tell you all about it.

Between work and study, this semester at the university, we were tasked with what can only be described as something we never thought we’d do. We needed to come up with some ideas or concepts and then make masks as well as paint on the wall to get the message across to the audience.

Yup, sounds like just another day in the Department of Media Studies and Journalism at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.  Read more

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