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6 thoughts on “Reading on Apple Books”

  1. > Years ago, I purchased a Kindle Paperwhite from Best Buy during one of my trips to the United States.

    I did the same months ago 😀

    I bought Paperwhite Kindle from a Best Buy earlier this year in April.I am loving my Kindle!

    I see the point your are making with Apple Books and glad it is working well for you. For me though, I get distracted easily on iDevices and I really hate to read on the phone’s smaller screen. For now, I am enjoying the Kindle. I listed more reasons for why Kindle in this blog post of mine.

    1. I bought a Kindle Paperwhite last year after learning that I would be working for Automattic. It was a congratulatory gift to myself and I love it! Much like Chaitanya I struggle to read on my iPhone (or iPad) and while I prefer holding a book, I like that I can read at night without a lamp. 🙂

      1. Kindle backlights are some of the best if not the best on the market. The e-ink technology is definitely good on the eye too!

        1. I am still enjoying reading books on Kindle. But I am also reading quite a lot of PDF books and Kindle is formatting the PDFs shabbily! But I am also not convinced with investing so many dollars for an iPad only for reading PDF books. What a weird dilemma hehe!

        2. It surely doesn’t make sense to get an iPad just for reading books. I think you’ll need to find some more excuses to get one. 😉

    2. Great post! I agree with all the points on that post. I loved Kindle Paperwhite feature-wise. But I just wasn’t carrying with me everywhere. Coupled with the Amazon account issues that prevented me from buying books that I wanted to read, it just didn’t work for me.

      I totally get what you mean by not liking to read on a small screen. I thought I’d hate it too. As I found out, I actually don’t mind reading on my 8 Plus. 🙂 Whatever gets the reading job done, right? 😀

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