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9 thoughts on “Why Payoneer is essential in Bangladesh and how the Wirecard scandal puts that at risk”

  1. You can still go on Payoneer twitter and see how 1 day ago they said: No need to worry. Your card works as usual & your funds are safe. We have alternative providers and will contact you in the event that we need to move you

    So it bothers me if they were so naive or they didn’t warn us on purpose, like other companies did.

    1. Exactly. That’s what they said on that blog post as well. I’m just not calling out on Payoneer as people are already mistaking the whole situation to be Payoneer’s fault — when it’s really Wirecard’s — but I feel what you’re saying. They are not handling this professionally and their communication only raises questions.

      1. If I think more and more about this I can see how Payoneer failed to protect their clients. Since information about the Wirecards was already out there and people knew something is going to happen (some companies advised to transfer funds from cards somewhere else, some stopped using wirecards) why Payoneer didn’t do something? For example, move all the funds from the cards to Payoneer account so we would need to manually “top up” cards to use them. This way, I assume, many of us would be be still able to transfer money and not be in situation when all saving can be literally lost.
        So, yes, what is happening is highly unprofessional. And I don’t trust Payoneer anymore.

        1. It’s going to cost them dearly even if they can manage to get people their money. Let’s just hope the money’s actually properly safeguarded.

  2. You’ve missed payoneer virtual bank accounts feature. Beside the cards people receive funds using those accounts from around the world. It takes a day to receive ACH / BACS funds from any company for free! & receiving money through local banks takes 2+ weeks apart from all the other hassles they are famous for!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I didn’t miss that part. I mentioned that any funds above the card limit is held by Payoneer. Your ACH transfers will still go to the card if you have one or if your card limit isn’t reached. I receive payments with their global payment services every month so I’m aware of how it works. I just didn’t focus on that part as we’re really more concerned about the card and the money that’s stuck with Wirecard Card Solutions Limited at the moment.

  3. Using Payoneer for 6 years now, became a part of my life now. I really hope and pray Payoneer do good on this Wirecard issue. I went to local my bank (DBBL) to apply for a international card and they are not accepting new application for international dual currency card. Went to Bank Asia; their “Shadhin Card” is not really a bank account card.

    I have to pay for CDN and hosting bill within a week.

  4. We have a similar issue in Algeria, thankfully, I solved this by using Paysera, not sure if it’s possible for Bangladesh.

  5. Hey Man!! This was a really great article. I would like to would about one more thing.

    Since, there are many payment gateways in the internet where they don’t allow prepaid cards like Payoneer mastercard. In that case, which specific card do you use? May I know? Thanks.

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