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9 thoughts on “That post about MacBook Pro’s keyboard”

  1. Great to know the latest Mac Book Pros are having better butterfly keyboards. Also, thanks to this post. I will try and avoid the Touchbar in my next Mac Book Pro. So far I am happy with the 2016 MacBook Pro on which I am typing this comment.

    1. Yeah. The 12-inch MacBook that I have has pretty tactile keyboard. But it still is prone to dust getting underneath the keyboard. 🙁 Fortunately, Apple fixed that recently with some protection under each key in its newer Macs so likely this is a thing of the past.

      Also, with my expected W laptop sometime in Q2/Q3, I can’t decide what to get. I liked the extra screen state of the 15-inch, but I don’t like the touch bar. The Air’s function keys with touch ID seems perfect. Something like that on newer MacBook Pros would be awesome. With the rumors of new 16-inch Macs around, I hope we’ll see some new designs soon. 😀

        1. I’m disappointed myself too. I’ve seen that Wall Street Journal post (that you could read without Rs or Es) which brought the issue back to focus (and led Apple to finally issue an apology; talk about the power of the press!). It sucks that even the latest Macs have this issue. 🙁

  2. +1 to this — “The keys have more travel and are more satisfying to type on.”

    I have a personal MacBook Air (early 2015) and it’s such a pleasure to type on!

    I also didn’t know Apple introduced new generation butterfly keyboards on the latest MacBook Pro machines. Should check that out sometime!

    1. True. Even though the earlier MBP/MBA’s keyboards were a bit ‘wobbly’, they provided great typing experience. I certainly miss them.

      You should check out the new keyboards! It won’t be as good as your current MBA keyboard, but it’s far better than what Apple released in its first and second-generation butterfly switches.

      1. This is a bit older model of the MacBook Air. While it has a nice selection of ports and the keyboard is obviously much better than the current-generation Macs, I think you may regret buying if because its screen is very dated. That’s really the only problem I have with this MacBook Air. If you can find a 2015 MacBook Pro within that price (refurbished even), I would say that would be a better investment than the old MacBook Air.

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