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10 thoughts on “Using the iPhone without a case”

  1. But if you’re in the boat of people that use the case to keep it safe, while in the heart, you truly want to get rid of it; I say, go for it.
    I am certainly in this boat!

    After it’s a few months or years old, you can drop the case like I did and still feel like using a brand new phone.
    I am arriving at this stage with my iPhone 7. I will soon give up the case. Catch me if you see me with my encased iPhone at the GM. I use Apple’s bright red silicone case; so it is not hard to spot it 😀

    1. Ha ha, sure! I can even take the case off myself if you want me to (and we’ll have written evidence here if you do 😀 )!

  2. Great post! Lovely photos too! 😉

    I will forever use a Popsocket on mine, even without a case, because I have small hands and drop it often when I have trouble reaching the screen’s edges with my thumb. Also I’m lazy and use it to prop up my phone on a table while I scroll through what I’m reading. This gives me more inspiration to go case-less and have just a Popsocket on my next one!

    1. Thanks! 😀

      I grabbed a Popsocket last year probably at the GM and I promptly forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me! I’m going to go ahead and try it out. I was always worried if it would leave a residue on the back of the iPhone after prolonged use. Have you noticed anything like this or am I just picturing it wrong?

      1. I adore mine – it doesn’t add much thickness to the phone, and stops it from falling off tables and out of my pocket so easily. I haven’t noticed any residue left on my cases (I took it off one phone and added it to a new one) but I would suspect some cleaner made to remove stickers would take it off. Usually those are safe to use on metal like cars, and probably an iPhone body too.

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