iphone 15 pro max all colors hands on

iPhone 15 Pro Max all colors hands-on: Which color should you choose?

Are you planning to buy an iPhone 15 Pro Max and want help deciding which color to buy? Well, you’ve come to one of the many right places! I’ve got a hands-on experience at a store today, and I’m going to share my first impressions on all four colors you can get the iPhone 15 Pro Max in.

Before that, let’s talk a little bit about why I’m planning to upgrade and why the Pro Max. Feel free to skip the next section if you just want to dive into the experiences!

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Am I upgrading from the iPhone 13 Pro?

This is the first time I’m in a country where Apple officially releases iPhones. We usually have to wait several months before seeing one, not to mention the exorbitant price we pay to local sellers.

I usually upgrade iPhones every two cycles, and so I’m due for an upgrade from the iPhone 13 Pro. However, I didn’t pre-order as the delivery date was already in November, making me decide to try my luck at various stores every few days to see if I would stumble upon one. This is how I bought the Apple Watch Ultra last year. So you never know, I might get lucky again. 😉

As expected, I didn’t find the iPhone 15 Pro Max in stock anywhere today, but I was surprised that every store had the iPhone 15 Pro available. People be like: Give me the most expensive one!

iphone 15 pro max all colors hands on
iPhone 15 Pros are available in stock. Pro Max, however, is sold out everywhere I checked.

To be fair, I’m in the same boat, too. I have never used an iPhone 15 Pro Max before. It’s a little too large for my taste. However, I’m willing to try it this year for the 120mm lens. I suspect most people are going for the Pro Max for the same reason.

It also helps that my secondary phone, an Android, is half its usual size. I’m using the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, so I have extra space in my pockets. 🙂

I’ll write a review about using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 after a month. Subscribe if you’d like to see that!

Anyway, the stores did have the iPhone 15 Pro Max on display, and I managed to try them out. I wasn’t sure which color to pick, but having experienced them firsthand, I have made my choice.

Here are all the colors I’ve checked and my thoughts on them.

iPhone 15 Pro Max hands-on: Titanium feel

I’m sure you already know this, but the iPhone 15 Pro Max comes in four different colors. They are:

  • White Titanium
  • Natural Titanium
  • Black Titanium
  • Blue Titanium

You’ll notice the unmissable “Titanium” suffixed to all color names. That’s because Apple’s newest Pro-level phones have a Titanium frame all around their body design. Apple says the iPhone 15 Pro’s aerospace-grade titanium uses the same alloy that spacecraft use for missions to Mars.

For you and I, though, it just means the Pro models have a completely different feel. Titanium is sturdier yet lighter, and it’s evident the moment you pick up an iPhone 15 Pro.

My current iPhone 13 Pro weighs 204 grams (7.19 ounces). The new iPhone 15 Pro is lighter, coming in at 187 grams (6.60 ounces). That may be insignificant on paper, but I felt it when holding the two iPhones side by side.

The new iPhone 15 Pros also have a much more premium feel. The previous iPhone Pro models have a shiny look to them. The new ones have a brushed finish, so they look really cool up close.

However, there’s one thing that remains the same, if not worse: fingerprints.

iPhone 15 Pro Max’s Titanium is a fingerprint magnet

I was pretty disappointed to see that the iPhone Pro’s outer frame remains a fingerprint magnet. It’s my biggest complaint with the iPhone 13 Pro. The 13/14 Pro and 15 Pro models look very different but remain ‘excellent’ fingerprint magnets.

iphone 15 pro max all colors hands on. fingerprint visible.
iphone 15 pro max all colors hands on - blue titanium

I tried wiping fingerprints using my…finger. But you can see the slight discoloration caused by fingerprints.

Apple apparently mentions this on their support page:

For iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, the oil from your skin might temporarily alter the color of the outside band. Wiping your iPhone with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth will restore the original look

Cleaning your iPhone – Apple

The ‘discoloration’ is real. It’s not permanent (at least, I hope it’s not!), but when there are fingerprints on the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max’s titanium brushed finish, it looks significantly worse than the fingerprints on a 13 or 14 Pro model.

That may be something you don’t care about as much if you use a case or a cover with your iPhone. But for the very few who will live life on the edge and use their phone without a case, this is rather disheartening.

iPhone 15 Pro Max in White Titanium

First up is the obvious white iPhone. This year, it’s called White Titanium because of… you know this already. The back of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max looks pretty nice in well-lit, white-themed stores, but they might look a little dull if you step into any room with yellow light.

iphone 15 pro max all colors hands on - white titanium

Of course, all colors respond to ambient light. But when it comes to white, the effect is substantial.

I generally avoid white in my tech whenever I can. The few gadgets I have in white — AirPods Pro, Apple Pencil, Sony’s DualSense controller — have not aged well.

What about the star of the show? The titanium brushed finish looks almost identical to the Natural Titanium’s, but there’s a slight difference. The Natural Titanium’s frame is a little bit more yellowish compared to the White Titanium’s namesake ‘white.’

And that slight difference goes around in other areas, like the outer circles of the camera lenses.

Should you get the iPhone 15 Pro Max in White?

Unless you have a very specific preference — that is, you like your phone in white, I don’t see why you might go with the White Titanium for your iPhone 15 Pro Max. I thought it looked neat in-store, but I’d go with the other colors.

iPhone 15 Pro Max in Natural Titanium

The Natural Titanium may be the color most people go for, as it’s kind of ‘distinctly iPhone 15 Pro.’

They look good, but I’m not sure if the pictures match what you see in real life.

iphone 15 pro max all colors hands on - natural titanium

In my honest opinion, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max’s Natural Titanium color looks better in pictures than in person.

While the “Natural Titanium” finish is obvious in the titanium part of the frame along with the outer circles of the camera lenses, from a distance, one could almost mistake the back color for silver.

In fact, a friend of mine thought it was a silver iPhone when I sent him the picture above.

iphone 15 pro max all colors hands on - natural titanium

Should you pick the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Natural Titanium?

If you want to make a statement that you got the latest iPhone and you will be using a transparent case, go for it!

The Natural Titanium color itself may not be a head-turner, but it does have its charms!

iPhone 15 Pro Max in Black Titanium

There are certain aesthetics to gadgets that are fully black. Not many Apple gadgets come in black, and this year’s iPhone 15 Pro’s Black Titanium isn’t truly black, either. It’s more of a darker gray.

I’ll speak in Photoshop terms for those into photography and photo editing: If you take a photo of something in black and turn down the contrast using a Curve adjustment (which would be a ‘reverse S curve), you get what the iPhone 15 Pro’s Black Titanium is.

Take this before and after, for instance:

And you can see what happens when I do the opposite (put an ’S curve’ on the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s image):

Photoshop geekery aside, I think “Darker Gray” would have been a better term for this particular model. I don’t have a photo to share with you, unfortunately, but I wasn’t attracted to this model at all.

Should you buy the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Black Titanium?

I wasn’t a fan of the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max in Black Titanium, but if you’re really interested, I highly advise seeing one in person before placing an order.

iPhone 15 Pro Max in Blue Titanium

When it comes to the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Blue Titanium, the situation is flipped. The pictures on the web look worse than the actual device in person.

I couldn’t decide between the Natural Titanium and Blue Titanium colors based on the pictures on Apple and other websites. I was leaning more toward Natural Titanium because the pictures look stunning!

However, one trip to the store later, I’m now a convert. The Blue Titanium, in my opinion, is the best iPhone 15 Pro Max color.

iphone 15 pro max all colors hands on - blue titanium

And that’s the color I’m getting.

The blue looks a little darker than the images on the web. It’s still undeniably blue, but it’s neither so light that it’s almost sky blue nor so dark that it’s navy blue.

What about the titanium brush? I got a picture this time, and you can see it here:

iphone 15 pro max all colors hands on blue titanium

It’s a little dark, but the brushed finish is very noticeable. Unfortunately, fingerprints are more noticeable than the beautiful titanium brush, but that’s just something you have to live with.

iphone 15 pro max all colors hands on

Should you buy the iPhone Pro Max in Blue Titanium?

I may be biased, but the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Blue Titanium is my absolute favorite!

A word on colors

It goes without saying that nothing is more subjective than color preferences. I shared my preference and what I thought based on my first impressions, but you should absolutely check one out in person before shelling out upwards of a thousand dollars.

There’s also the fact that all displays render color slightly differently. The same photo will look different on different monitors, smartphones, and tablets.

Heck, even on the same device, the iPhone, for example, if you’ve got True Tone or Night Shift turned on, the same photo will look different.

That’s not all. The available/ambient light also affects colors. Walk into a hotel with warm chandeliers, and all these iPhones (except for the Black, perhaps) will look different compared to when you’re at a gadget store with bright, cool white lights.

Let’s not even get into the fact that different people perceive colors differently. We all know what happened the last time someone asked if the dress was blue and black or white and gold!

So, the common tech advice remains: Try checking one in person if you’re still unsure. Photos on the web don’t do the iPhone colors justice.

I thought the Natural Titanium looked better, but my mind totally changed after seeing the Blue Titanium in person. Perhaps yours will be, too, no matter which one you’re interested in right now.

Which color are you getting?

Hope all that was helpful! Are you planning to upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max? What color are you looking at? Let me know in the comments below!

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