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How I write my Reviews

For more than 8 years, I have been writing reviews of tech products, web tools, software, apps, games, and gadgets in general. You won’t find most of those articles because they were published in a variety of places — different blogs both owned by me and others, online and print newspapers, print magazines and so on. Most of the reviews have been in Bangla, and most aren’t even online today — especially the printed ones — for any reference.

macbook pro

There has been one thing that was common in most of those reviews — they were very personal. 

In the tech world, “reviews” are the most common types of content that you can find. Whether it’s written, audio or video, reviews are extremely popular both for content producers and consumers. One might think that there are enough reviews for everything out there that a new review on a relatively new blog is no longer necessary.

Well, I disagree.

Most of the reviews out there share one common trait: They all focus too much on the hardware and numbers. Numbers don’t lie, I know. Benchmark scores are important especially when comparing two devices of similar specification. However, sometimes, that’s just part of the story.

My reviews will be personal.

I’ve seen devices that kill it on paper with raw hardware power and benchmark numbers, but when it comes to actual day-to-day use, they fail to live up to that expectation. I’ve also seen devices that seem subpar in hardware specs, only to find out that they perform really well due to other reasons (software optimization). The iPhone is the biggest example here. It lags many years behind most Android phones in terms of hardware, but it can still offer a better, smoother performance than phones with “similar hardware.”

Not Reinventing the Wheel

Over the next few months, you will see a lot of written reviews published on this blog along with pictures. These will range from every tech product/gadgets that I use to the software, browser extensions, apps, and games that I love. But you’ll notice that something is missing from the reviews.

My idea of writing a review is that it should convey my exact thoughts of using it. I haven’t seen anyone say after using a phone on a daily basis, “I wish it had a higher score on AnTuTu benchmark! That low score is really killing me.” As long as the device performs well, it shouldn’t really matter.

Besides, there are tons of YouTube and text reviews out there that will show you all sorts of benchmark results and comparison with similar devices. They’re there if you need them. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel and go through the same benchmarking process to publish something that’s already out there.

What’s not already out there is my exact thoughts, feelings, and remarks about a product. That’s what I intend to write on all of my future reviews. Although they may be longer, they will convey my exact opinions of the product being reviewed so that you can make an informed decision whether or not to go for it.

Last but not the least, as with everything published on this blog, opinions are solely my own and do not reflect that of any company/organization that I work for.

Have a device/app/service that you want me to review? Let’s get in touch!

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