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2 thoughts on “How I got into cars”

  1. > it wasn’t that enjoyable thanks to the constant stress of driving in Dhaka which only the people who have actually driven in Dhaka can relate to.

    You can replace Dhaka with pretty much any third-world city or town. So you have a lot of people, including yours truly, who can relate to your experience. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel that Dhaka is even worse than most other third-world cities because when I took Uber rides in Indian cities (Kolkata, Kochi, etc) I felt that the drivers had some degree of respect for the law. I had once a cab driver come to a complete stop in an empty street on the traffic signal.

      Our drivers are worse. They have zero care about road safety and traffic law. One aspect of this is that most people in other countries, including India, drive their own cars. In Bangladesh, that’s not the case. Most people hire drivers who are not educated enough to understand and respect the traffic laws. They lack common sense, too, which I believe is crucial for road safety.

      So what happens is that everyone tries to race each other resulting in a massive chaos every day out in the streets.

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