On Hands

It’s not every day that I write anything related to my health. In fact, the last time I wrote about it on a previous blog was after being in a nasty bicycle accident. I don’t feel that writing about personal health has anything of value to readers. But I’m writing this post today anyway because it already had a profound effect on my mental health, one that I think is worth writing about.

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Celebrating Five Years at Automattic

Today, I celebrate my fifth anniversary at Automattic!

On Monday, May 18, 2015, I began my first day as a full-time Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

Five years have passed since then. How have these five years been? What have I learned? What has my experience been like? Here’s a post to look back on my five years as an Automatticians as shortly as possible.

MacBook W Logo
Automatticians receive a custom-branded MacBook at their four-year anniversary. I received mine late last year. Yes, the W logo glows!
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11 years of blogging

It’s almost surreal to think that I started my first blog on WordPress.com on this day 11 years ago.

11 years on wordpress.com

I still remember the day when I started my first WordPress.com blog. I wanted to reach more people globally through my writing, so I wanted to write in English. That’s why after one year of blogging in a community blogging platform in Bangla, I created a free blog on WordPress.com.

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New Year Resolution 2019: Be Better

It’s that time when we look back at what we’ve achieved this year, sigh deeply, feel sorry for ourselves, come up with another list of things to do in the next year and call that the new year’s resolution.

new year resolution

I know I haven’t achieved what I had set out to do this time last year, and there’s a good chance that you didn’t either. So, instead of trying it again, why not change what the resolution is in the first place?

To get the point, let me first tell you where I got the idea first.

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