Is the iPad Pro Worth it?

Much of the usability portion of this review applies to the 2018’s redesigned iPad Pro. For more, please jump to the last section of this post titled ‘The new 2018 iPad Pro – is it worth it?’

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The professor in the class was talking about how the film industry came out to be. We were watching some of the first films that were commercially released by Lumiere Brothers.

At one point, he said that people were blown away by watching motion pictures on the screen. Some even left the theater in fear when an oncoming train was shown on the display. It was so magical that the actual magicians’ business began to take a nosedive.

The keyword here is ‘magical.’

That led me to think, what ‘magical’ invention have I seen in my lifetime? And will there be any more?

I can’t answer the second question, but I think I know the answer to the first one.

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Everyone deserves a better display

I purchased my first desktop computer when I was in school. It had a dual-core processor with 2 GB RAM and a 15-inch monitor with 720p LCD display. Back in 2010, when CRT monitors weren’t extinct yet, having an LCD display at home meant you had something that’s truly next-gen.

wordpress blog on iphone 8 plus
Although it doesn’t have the best display (by Samsung’s standards, at least), I love the natural look of the iPhone displays. (Except the ones on the X.)

As pretty as that monitor looked on my desk, everything else on the web didn’t look as nice. The internet connection was painfully slow, web pages were full of bmp icons and low-resolution images. The web simply didn’t look good.

A few years later, I was using Windows laptops that still had 720p displays. It didn’t make the web look any better, but the web did start to look better. Average internet connections became faster, so the web developers increased the quality of the icons and pictures they put on their websites.

However, the windows laptops were still stuck in all 720p displays. And because of that, the beautification of the web largely went unnoticed.

And then, Apple dropped the bomb with its MacBook Pros with Retina Display. The web suddenly took a downfall in terms of how good it looked. Of course, I couldn’t afford a Mac at that time, so I only read about how the web suddenly became ugly. But it didn’t take long for websites to start using ‘retina-ready’ icons and images.

Fast forward to the present day, the web now looks glamorously beautiful. Icons have taken a flatter yet modern look. Images are high resolution. Text is crisp. But you will miss out on all of that unless you have access to the web with a high-resolution display.

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How I write my Reviews

For more than 8 years, I have been writing reviews of tech products, web tools, software, apps, games, and gadgets in general. You won’t find most of those articles because they were published in a variety of places — different blogs both owned by me and others, online and print newspapers, print magazines and so on. Most of the reviews have been in Bangla, and most aren’t even online today — especially the printed ones — for any reference.

macbook pro

There has been one thing that was common in most of those reviews — they were very personal. 

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How I got into cars

I walk up to the parked car, unlock it using the remote, open the door, and slide myself in. That’s how I get into cars.

toyota sprinter bangladesh

Well, not really. When I say “I got into cars,” what I really mean is how I became so obsessed with cars that I just want to find a relatively empty road and drive for hours. And I’m not just talking about driving super cars, I’m into driving all sorts of cars.

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