The Awful Beginning of February

To say that the beginning of February was awful would be an incorrect statement.

The month did begin with a lot of excitement as I got my driving license right on time. It’s a miracle if anything happens on time in this country, especially when the government or any aspect of it is involved in the process. Luckily, I got the license on time.

The learning of driving a car and getting a driving license deserve a post of its own. But I decided to write about that later as I choose to post about things in order of importance rather in the order they happen.

So let’s talk about what happened next. 

Although I got lucky with the delivery of the driving license, the following days would not be very lucky for me. I fell sick in the most awful way possible. Even my mom was saying that she hasn’t seen me this sick for a long time. I bet the time would be at least 5 years.

It began with a light cold and headache. The season is changing, so the flu makes its way around this time of the year every year. This didn’t cause for concern as I can deal with some cold and headache any day. But I wasn’t prepared for how bad the cold and headache turned into.

To make matters worse, I caught fever too. It was ~102 degrees F at one point. The fever would come and go at night, but the cold and headache, on one side of the skull, wasn’t getting any better. Pain in left ear and left eye started to develop. In an unbelievable turn of events, I developed a toothache on the left side. It was like something bad happened on the entire left side of the skull, and I wasn’t getting better at it.

It took me nearly two weeks to start getting better. The fever disappeared slowly, and so did the headache, ear pain, toothache, and eventually the pain in the left eye. At the end of two weeks since what can only be described as “all hells broke loose,” I started to get better.

During my days at the bed, when I was quite unable to even look at anything that emits light, I started feeling the blessing of being well. We don’t make the best use of time when we’re not sick. I felt at every moment during those two weeks that being well is a blessing. I learned the hard way not to waste time when I’m not sick. And I’m hoping to put those to good use.

The weeks-long sickness caused major issues/drawbacks in my life — both at work and study. However, I’m trying to reap whatever good I can find in those two weeks, and they all will sound philosophical.

I didn’t expect to start the year with such a bad sickness. But it did give me a good lesson. And it’s true that lessons that are learned the hard way are usually the ones that you do not forget.

My lesson for the rest of the year is to not procrastinate anymore. You never know when you will fall sick and when you will be rendered unable to complete the work that you could have finished yesterday. It’s a tough goal, especially given that procrastination is so easy these days with all the “technological and social things” happening around us. But I hope to follow the rule and see how it changes things.

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