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5 thoughts on “Airmail 3 Review – The Best Email Client for Mac”

  1. I disagree. The messages list renders in tiny, grey font, impossible to read. Literally hundreds of posts on forums beg the company to fix the problem and they haven’t. It’s ageism and the arrogance of a few young white guys, and I hope they crash and burn for their inattention to the repeated published needs of their clients.

    1. I use Airmail on both my 15-inch MacBook Pro and the 27-inch 5K iMac. I don’t have any trouble reading text in it. But I understand different have different experiences with it. In any case, thank you for adding your thoughts!

  2. Airmail has stopped working at 100% with iMac, keeps asking for PWD to accounts. No amount of tweaking, re-entering PWD halps, tests always fil. What happened to a once great client?

    1. Are you sure this is not the email account that you’re adding that’s causing trouble? I ask because I routinely have trouble with an Outlook email account that keeps asking for the password. I never had such trouble with any of the other email accounts I have on Airmail. I’ve got an iMac too.

  3. Snoozing doesn’t prevent mails from arriving in your inbox, it allows you to temporarily move a mail out of your inbox and have it reappear after a set time. Quite useful if you likt o keep a clean inbox or if you want to be reminded of a mail after a while!

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