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3 thoughts on “In-depth Review: 12-inch MacBook – Should you buy it?”

  1. I prefer to have only ONE computer on the move that does everything. That means, iPad is not an option for me and so is MacBook.

    I prefer to carry the slightly heavier, but powerful and all-in-one MBP everywhere. Not having to buy/setup/keep the second device is the trade off I chose to live with instead of having one more machine altogether. For this reason, I hope MBP gets lighter over time.

    1. I understand and see how that can be pretty useful to have just one computer for everything. The extra weight of the 15-inch aside, the other reason I don’t want to keep it with me all the time is because of safety concerns. The streets here aren’t exactly safe and I wouldn’t want to be out of computers if, you know, mugging happened. 😛

      I am, however, considering the 13-inch for my next upgrade when I can probably take that with me everywhere. But I’ve always had this _I must have a backup device_ feeling. So, I don’t know. I might end up keeping both devices (though keeping one 13″ and one 12″ doesn’t really make sense. Hmm.)

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